Laureen Vonnegut


Laureen Vonnegut is an American writer living between Romania and Mexico.  Prior residences include London, California, Holland, Bulgaria and Hungary. Her novel OASIS, launched in New York by literary press Counterpoint/ Perseus Books, is sold worldwide.  Following the launch was a cross-country US tour for signing and reading.  Last year her newest novel, Twin Lies, was published by Skorpion Press and is read in book clubs from Alaska to Bulgaria.

Vonnegut has had over a dozen short stories and scripts published in the US, the UK and greater Europe, in addition to being shortlisted for the Ian St James Award and nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize.

She directed a series of video readings, by professional actors, of her novel OASIS, which can be seen on YOUTUBE.  She has also written and directed several short films: STUFF THAT BEAR!, CUCKOO AND ICE CREAM, DON’T SAY I LOVE YOU and SEQUESTRO EXPRESS.

Her short film STUFF THAT BEAR!, was directed by Bruno Coppola.  The film opened at the Cannes Film Festival, showing in more than 100 festivals worldwide, winning 17 awards.  She co-produced THE DOT MAN, once again teaming up with Coppola in Romania, the film is soon to be released. THREE WAY WEEK was shot in 2016 and is currently under post production in London.

THE PORCINI TEST, a theater play written, produced and directed by Vonnegut opened in Los Angeles, summer of 2015, to rave reviews. Currently she is working on a series of short stories, a film script THIS IS PALM SPRINGS and her next theater play, THE GOLD DIGGERS .


EXTRA: Article written after Kurt’s death.
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